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"Siravij-Thai-English Encyption" New standard of encyption!

Written by Siravij Praevisavakij on 05 Dec 2022 · 2 min read

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###Introduction So,Encyption is way to secure your things or hide things. But what if you want to made encyption that made other people doesn’t understand? Introducing “Siravij-Thai Encyption” The encyption that let other people use their brain to decypt your text!

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The Siravij Encyption V1

Me:At home,Starbuck?
Me:Do you still at home,I buy starbuck.
Nattanon:But why me?
Me:Today their giving away glass!
Nattanon:But why me?
Me:Eh... I will buy for you.

To do so,Start with this example "Do you want food? If so I'll buy for you." so to start with being broken grammar -> "you want food? so I'll buy to you.". Then you can cut few thing or many things as you want! "you wo_t food, I buy." or "food? I buy." or "eat? i buy". But this may causing other people assume you are have a problem in talking with other people, Use this encyption with caution.
##Conclusion ##DON'T USE IT! Use it with caution.