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E-Scooter Driving in Bangkok

Written by Siravij Praevisavakij on 06 Dec 2022 · 4 min read

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###Introduction We are all aware that Bangkok ranks first in the world for traffic congestion. So, while public transportation is an option for some of us, what if it is not available? So E-Scooter comes. In this blog, we are going to review e-scooter driving in Bangkok. Ninebot Max at Siam Square

Borrowed Ninebot-Max

##Quick Q&A Question:

Q:Is it legal or Iligal
A:Depent on your perspective,Since the laws were outdated.

Q:Do I need safety?
A:Of Course,For common sence and everyone else and you safety,You need to wear at least helmet.


Me wearing Helmet and Protection suit(Driving on Segway GT2 @70 Km/h)

let’s get started!

Itsn’t easy to driving scooter in bangkok congression, With a lot of cars and Problematic Karens who tries to Honk scooter that in left Lanes. Also with E-scooter that doesn’t come with active suspension, You will feel the bangkoks unfinished road. When come to public transport for Skytrain,metro or Boat(Except Mine Smart Boat) you need to fold the scooter before you can ride on, Which kinda pain for carrying. But for bus,It is recommended to use Low-Deck bus for easier to carrying.

P100 Folded

Segway P100 Folded,Waiting for Train to arrive.

P100 Folded 2

Segway P100 Folded in trains.

To driving so use rule of thumbs:
0.Safety Equipments please.
1.Left lane as possible, It left lane occupired you may in middle lanes but try to on left side.
1.1.Follow traffic rules.
2.To cross,Prefered using Zebra Cross but if there isn’t car you may try to be further right to avoid car and being drama.
3.Driving on footpath is acceptable if there’s less people and you may use walk mode or driving slowly.(Remember that you have motor as car or EV)
4.Try to not cut the yellow line as motocycle.
5.Don’t try to overtake the cars unless there’re too slowly and your scooter is fast enought to overtake.
5.1. To overtake,Use right side,The left side there might not see you coming.
6.Don’t try to pass flood if it higher than tire rims.

S 7061520P1 00 F40

My Ninebot F40 Standing with borrowed P100

##Conclusion Follow traffic rules and common “Thais” Sence,Wear Safety. You are good to go.

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